Realization stainless steel with the assembly of 2 independent feet.
The control panel, also in stainless steel, includes features and indicators such as the power-on LED, emergency stop, manual or automatic operation, a 7-inch color touch screen for managing and setting up in memory of the parameters (100 programs maxi).
The laying stations, vertically, are arranged on either side of the conveyor. They are adjustable in height and crosswise by crank with reading mark. The detection of the labels is done by ultrasound cell. Equipped with asynchronous motor, the band speed varies between 10 and 27 m / min.
Several formats of labels are allowed; to be determined in the specifications.


  • Double inclination of the laying stations: Adds a second axis rotation of the station. Use for labeling products with the inclined edges.
  • 3-color tag: allows the operator to report faults.
  • 2 “PREFIN” coil detection sensors for the left station and on the right to signal via the jack (light orange) to the operator that he will soon have to change the label spool
  • Double bar ionizer: This equipment can neutralize electricity static on products and labels. Highly recommended for plastic products with plastic labels.