Manual dosing hopper

Manual dosing hopper

To be placed on a workbench, this manual hopper doser for the packaging of products with high viscosity * is characterized by its ease of use.

The manual hopper doser is ideally suited for the packaging of common products such as foodstuffs (honey, mustard, jam), cosmetics (cream, soap and gels) for example.

The design of the manual hopper doser, made of PVC, also allows it to withstand corrosive products such as vinegar, bleach, detergents and acids, except solvents and solvent derivatives. For these, there is a stainless version.

The operation is very economical since only the compressed air is used (compressor not supplied), the triggering of the filling is done by means of a pneumatic reverser. Maintenance is almost zero, no electrical / electronic component is present.

Consisting as standard of a 20-liter tank (other tanks available) with transparent lid, the manual hopper feeder can be used to package adjustable volumes of 10 to 50 ml as standard. Other volumes are possible, contact us.

“*”: a single bowl dosing version is available for liquid products.

Characteristics of the manual hopper dosing machine

Easy volume adjustment
The spout is mounted on a height-adjustable support
Quick and easy bottle format change using the centraliser
Air management by filter-regulator with manometer
Pneumatic lever control
Nature of products : Liquid or slightly viscous / neutral or corrosive products.
Air consumption : less than 1 cubic meter / hour.

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Manual dosing machine

Manual dosing machine : To be placed on a bench, this manual dosing machine for the packaging of liquid products […]