Depall auto depalletizer v2

Automatic machine for depalletizing the glass bottles by complete layer.
Gripping bottles by inflatable soft cylinders.
Adjusting the distance between rows of bottles by a simple and effective system of three removable combs.
Machine surrounded by protective panels. Secure access by light curtains (photoelectric detection). The operator just needs to remove the tabs.
Antiblocking system on the bottle discharge conveyor at the exit of the table.

Characteristics of depalettiser depal auto v2

  • Yield: up to 9000 bottles / hour
  • Electric power: 3 kW – 380 v
  • Nature of products: Glass bottles
  • Air consumption: about 1 m3 / h at 1 bar
  • Construction entirely made of 304 stainless steel (possibility other materials).

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