Machine equipped with a filling spout, designed for liquid and / or high viscosity, neutral or slightly corrosive products.

Examples of application: cream, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.

The machine is made up of:

  • a PVC tray,
  • a 10 liter hopper tank for product with transparent cover,
  • a volumetric piston metering device – adjustable volume from 10 to 50 ml (other volume on request),
  • a filling spout mounted on a height-adjustable support,
  • a depth-adjustable bottle centering device for alignment under the spout,
  • a filter-regulator with pressure gauge,
  • a pneumatic lever control to start filling.

PVC construction: chassis, tank, dosers, spouts.

The metering tube is made of stainless steel or glass depending on the nature of the products to be packaged.

There is a stainless steel version where the elements in contact with the products, PVC in the standard version, are replaced by stainless steel.

Seals: Viton

Hoses: PTFE

Check valves: PVDF